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The Global Headhunting Group Code of Ethics.

The Global Headhunting Group insists on the highest ethical standards throughout the organisation. We pride ourselves in ensuring that all our dealings are ethical, legal and professional at all times to maintain the high standards that we endeavour to consistently deliver. Ethics are imperative in order to establish a professional consistent level of behaviour. Our high standard of ethics ensures that we provide an outstanding level of service to each client, attract the best executives available and practice our internal policy of professional growth within our own organisation. The code protects the confidentiality of both our clients and our executives.

Our commitment to our clients.

  • The Global Headhunting Group will maintain the confidentiality of the Client at all times and will not discuss or disclose Clients information or Client assignments to third parties.
  • If two similar assignments are offered to The Global Headhunting Groups from competitive organisations, The Global Headhunting Group will only accept the first assignment received. This in line with our ethical policy.
  • The Global Headhunting Group will not send unsolicited curriculum vitaes to clients.
  • The Global Headhunting Group will not disclose the names of clients that they have completed assignments for to other clients or potential clients or in publicity material without the permission of the client.
  • The Global Headhunting Group will only disclose the name of a client to a candidate after the client agrees this is appropriate.
  • The Global Headhunting Group offers a minimum guarantee that if the appointed candidate leaves the client without reasonable cause within six months of commencing employment with the client then The Global Headhunting Group will conduct a second search at no fee as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions of engagement.
  • The Global Headhunting Group recognizes the importance of diversity in todays global marketplace. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to diversity that includes working diligently to provide all clients a diverse, qualified slate of candidates for every assignment.Our Commitment to Our Candidates
  • Executives will be contacted and communicated with in a totally professional and confidential manner with no jeopardy to their employment situation.
  • We will only forward details of an executive who has applied for or is interested in a particular assignment.
  • No executive will have his or her particulars divulged to a client without his or her agreement.
  • Checking of references provided by the candidate will only be conducted after the executive has informed the referee that The Global Headhunting Group will be contacting them.
  • The Global Headhunting Group is an Equal Opportunity organisation. Our policies for our clients, candidates and our own organisation are non-discriminatory.